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Social Media Secrets to Increase your profits

We increase conversion of your visitors by as much as 25%. Instantly greet return visitors and have information about their past visits and interests. In addition, we have the search term entered to find your site. This is the type of information that allows us to know what the visitor needs. We can push pages and answer questions to improve the visitors experience. Best of all we can zero in on the type of visitor most likely to convert to a buyer or join the mailing list and provide a high level of assistance. All the information is then turned over to your team to continue to follow up if necessary.

We greet your visitor and guide them to the information they are looking for. Many of your visitors have never been on your site before and we can make their experience easier and more productive. Since most visitors click away from sites very quickly we want to greet them and direct them to where they can find the relevant information before frustration sets in and they leave.

When a visitor arrives on your site our software allows us to see where they are located, what search terms they Googled, and which pages they have already viewed. This information makes it easier to direct them. Since we also know your site better than they do- we match up the information and either answer their question or push them a page with the information they want.


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